Licht! - Tout Petit

sold out
Small lamps and large spotlights sweeping across the stage. The light dances and the dancers move along with the light. ‘licht!’ is a text-free dance theatre performance. At the end, you too, will have the chance to experiment with light and shadow.
20 Oct
11.00 AM

GC de Moelie - GAMEBEEK – for children aged 12 year and older

In GC de Moelie you can experience a unique evening with other gamers. In collaboration with Just4Fun we create a real gameroom every month. Come and play on large screen projections, several TV’s, adjusted lighting and music.
25 Oct
07.00 PM

Repair Café - Linkebeek

The freely accessible Linkebeek Repaircafé sessions are focused on working together with you, repairing all kinds of items that you might otherwise throw away. All in the cause of combating excessive consumption.
27 Oct
02.00 PM

GC de Moelie i.s.m. Just4Fun - LinkeLab

08 Dec tot 28 Dec
Get to know the miraculous world of science and technology. We learn a lot through all sorts of crazy experiments.
08 Dec

Mousse - Un Oeuf is Un Oeuf

In the wonderful world of Mousse, two very different people meet each other: the highly disciplined street sweeper Alfons, who likes everything to be nice and tidy and the highly undisciplined vagabond Antoinette, who lives in the midst of rubbish. And yet they become close friends.
15 Mar
03.00 PM