Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

Whenever the sounds of Fleetwood Mac fill the air, a warm nostalgia envelops the room. Enamoured by this atmosphere, the members of Fleetmood decided to pay their own tribute to this sentiment. With a repertoire spanning party anthems and heartfelt ballads, classic blues and contemporary pop, Fleetmood delivers a unique and eclectic homage, capturing all the warmth and character of the original.

This is a standing concert.

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  • Basis: € 20,00
  • -26 jaar: € 10,00
  • Groepstarief: € 18,00


GC de Moelie
Sint-Sebastiaanstraat 14
1630 Linkebeek

Fleetwood Mac is back? You bet! Their music is everywhere these days, from TikTok to 'The Voice' and even popping up all over the timeless 100 recently. But now you can experience it live with this amazing 5-piece band! They perfectly capture the warm nostalgia of those times. With timeless hits like ‘Rhiannon,’ ‘The Chain,’ ‘Dreams,’ ‘Everywhere,’ and ‘Go Your Own Way,’ they'll whisk you away on a magical journey!

Emilie Leysen - lead vocal, Hadewijch Vermeire - bass & backing vocals, Marijke Hellemans - guitar, Koen Onderbeke - guitar, Rembrand Neirinckx - keys & backing vocals and Pieter-Jan Jordens – drums

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