Hou uw manieren (3+)

De Proefkonijnen

After two strangers meet and recognise their stark differences, they have a choice of getting to know each other better or resorting to physical violence. Their decision to adopt a conciliatory approach should be the proper course of action if they maintain a civil tone, right?

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Gemeentelijke feestzaal Drogenbos
Grote Baan 222
1620 Drogenbos

As we delve into history, we encounter the Romans - a people known for their hygiene. It is said that they diligently brushed their teeth several times a day... with horse urine! The difference between men and women is also addressed, with men having strived for centuries to be courteous towards women but not always succeeding...

‘Hou uw manieren’ (Mind your manners) is a show for children aged 3 to 8, about how manners have changed down the ages.

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