Steven Solo (5+)

Embark on a discovery journey guided by a ping pong ball, exploring a variety of percussion instruments like the xylophone, bongos, drum set, and electronic percussion.

With each tap of the ball on an instrument, music springs to life: Animals, Popcorn, ‘The Bongo Song’, ‘Ping Pong’, Crazy Frog, and more!

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Pong kindervoorstelling
© Jonathan Vaes



  • Basis: € 12,00
  • -26 jaar: € 8,00
  • Groepstarief: € 8,00


GC de Moelie
Sint-Sebastiaanstraat 14
1630 Linkebeek

Get ready for ‘Pong’, an interactive, wacky, and completely wordless musical performance! Everything unfolds through play, gestures, and facial expressions, making it perfect for audiences of all languages. ‘Pong’ - it doesn't just resonate, it clashes!

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