GC de Moelie i.s.m. Just4Fun - LinkeLab

Get to know the miraculous world of science and technology.

We learn a lot through all sorts of crazy experiments.

How do you make a robot and learn that robot to do what you want.

Always wanted to fly a drone. It’s possible. Get to know the drone and then fly through the obstacle course.

Interested in videogames? Maybe you can make your own videogame? We learn the basics how to program a computer and a videogame.

All these things and even more you can discover at LinkeLab. You don’t need to be an adult. If you’re between 8 and 14 your more than welcome to join our little science club of LinkeLab.

And remember: Everything is possible at LinkeLab!


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GC de Moelie
Sint-Sebastiaanstraat 14
1630 Linkebeek