Practising Dutch - Children's Language holidays

HorizonTAAL - Dutch language immersion for children 4 – 12 years

The school holidays are the perfect time for children to take part in fun activities. For children whose mother tongue is not Dutch, this is also an opportunity to learn and practise the language during the holidays. With this in mind, De Horizon and ‘de Rand’ are organising entertaining and educational Dutch workshops. The well-rounded programme is an opportunity to enjoy a unique weeklong experience of the Dutch language. The monitors will encourage the children to speak Dutch while they play, even though these workshops are not supposed to be language courses.

Sports course - For children from 1st to 6th form

02 Nov tot 05 Nov
If you enjoy sports and are keen on variety, why not enrol for the multi-sports course? Sign up for the multi-sports course full of adventure and fun. Sample different sports in Dutch. The programme includes familiar, less familiar and new sports: ball sports, dance, athletics, new games, nerf b...
02 Nov