Au nom de la Terre


An epic family saga carried by a rock-solid cast, including our own Veerle Baetens and star French actors Guillaume Canet and Rufus. Documentary filmmaker Edouard Bergeon based his fiction debut on the life of his own father, and that personal touch is noticeable in the film's lived-in authenticity. Tragedy and tenderness, love and suffering of the peasantry go hand in hand in this gripping film with irresistible acting.

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GC de Moelie
Sint-Sebastiaanstraat 14
1630 Linkebeek

When he is twenty-five, Pierre returns from Wyoming to France and his fiancée Claire to start a new chapter in their lives. They take over his father's family farm and start a family. It is hard work, but life is also full of small pleasures and lots of tenderness. But times change. 20 years later, globalisation is a fact of life and debts have to be constantly incurred to keep up. Pierre is trying to keep his head above water, but despite the love of his wife and children, he is slowly going down....

Directed by: Edouard Bergeon
Cast: Veerle Baetens, Guillaume Canet, Anthony Bajon, et al.

Duration: 103 minutes
Genre: Fiction

"Au nom de la terre is a film of integrity that will grab even the staunchest opponents of agricultural subsidies by the throat. (...) Veerle Baetens shines." ★★★ - HUMO

"This film hits your ko with emotional sledgehammer blows. But Bergeon never seeks the pathos and only shows the undisguised reality." ★★★ - De Morgen

"In Au Nom de la Terre, Bergeon sticks to the classic naturalistic image of rural life: mud, hay, soggy fields and dirty boots." - Film magic

"Guillaume Canet and Veerle Baetens ensure that this drama comes in solidly." - Focus Knack

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